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Insurance Undisputed Amount
February 14, 2018
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April 4, 2018
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What is holding up my Insurance Claim?

Insurance Claims Adjuster Palm Beach

Many times, after a claim is filed there is a great misunderstanding that the processing of your claim will be completed and paid out in a matter of weeks. In very rare cases that might be true, but there are certain things that may delay your claim. Here are a few things that might delay your claim that might be out of your control.

  • No adjuster assigned – Sometimes when you call to check on the status of your claim, you might hear that your claim is waiting to be assigned. Insurance companies rotate adjusters around frequently, especially at a time where there is an influx of claims. So, while your claim is being assigned, or the new adjuster is getting caught up this my put a delay on your claim.
  • Waiting for a report – Another reason your claim may be delayed may be due to a third party. Insurance companies may hire an outside party to complete an inspection or perform testing. These third-party companies will then submit a report to the assigned insurance adjuster to be reviewed. The third party might be delayed, or behind which may cause the submission of their report to be delayed, which will also hold up your claim.
  • No communication – There are times when you will try to contact the insurance company and you won’t be able to speak to the exact inside adjuster handling your claim. You may be told that the insider adjuster is out; on the other line or that they will get back to you. You may have even tried emailing your adjuster still to no avail. They might be busy, or they could just be holding out hoping you will drop the claim.

As you can see these are a few things that can become a big headache really quickly. One way to help avoid this problem is to have someone else do it. You should hire a public adjuster!

By hiring a public property adjuster, you won’t have to deal with any of those conversations or issue as our office will take care of all of it for you.

Property Damage Consultants is here to help with your claim in the best way possible. If you haven’t hired us already, Contact us now!

With 29 years of Adjusting experience, Craig Drillich established Property Damage Consultants in 2002. After working on behalf of the insurance companies for twelve years and tired of seeing the injustice being done to the property owners, Craig Drillich, President of the Board of Directors of the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA), became a consumer advocate as an all lines licensed Public Adjuster and Appraiser.

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