Why hire a public adjuster
Why hire a Public Adjuster?
January 17, 2018
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Insurance Appraisal or Mediation?
February 6, 2018
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2018 New year resolutions for property owners

property owners new year resolutions

It’s a new year and that means time for new resolutions. This year let’s start off with ways to better prepare in case of a disaster and what can also make it easier to get things rolling when you hire a public adjuster.

Keep track of your most recent policies. Have them in a place where they will be easy to find and where they won’t be destroyed. Laminating these documents or placing them in a fireproof case would be helpful.

Also sending these documents to a secure email or saving them in a cloud program will work as well. Make sure that you review your policy, or at least be familiar with what is covered and what you are entitled to. The time after a disaster will be stressful, so it is better to have an idea of things before the stress levels start to rise.

Along with your documents, take recent pictures/videos of the inside and outside of your home and create an inventory list. This list will help during a disaster because instead of trying to think of all the things that were in a room, you can look at your inventory list. This will also help when reporting any damaged contents to the insurance company. Thanks to modern technology you can email these pictures to yourself or you can save them to a hard drive in a weather resistant area or on a cloud system.

Last, but not least have the contact info for the office or the business card of one of our skilled and trained property adjusters. Here at Property Damage Consultants, the years of experience and professionalism will help to give you a sense of calm knowing that PDC is on your claim.

Property Damage Consultants is here to help with your claim in the best way possible. If you haven’t hired us already, Contact us now!

With 29 years of Adjusting experience, Craig Drillich established Property Damage Consultants in 2002. After working on behalf of the insurance companies for twelve years and tired of seeing the injustice being done to the property owners, Craig Drillich, President of the Board of Directors of the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA), became a consumer advocate as an all lines licensed Public Adjuster and Appraiser.

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